Window fixing screw and front driver's side mat wanted

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Window fixing screw and front driver's side mat wanted

Postby JimHatton » 14 Jun 2010, 15:51


I am looking for a sliding door window fixing screw assembly for a 1999 Granvia. The window fixings are 3 in total. There are two at the front and a catch at the rear to allow partial opening. I need one of the front fixings. They are about 18mm in diameter. There are two main parts. The outer part is smoothly domed to a depth of about 3mm. The inner part is about 5mm deep with a cross-head screw slot. The inner part has a 5mm dia screw thread about 6mm long. There are also several rubber washers about the same 18mm diameter. Both the inner and outer part are anodised black. One of my fixings came loose and fell off somewhere on the M8. I have put in a temporary nut/bolt but it doesn't look good.

THERE SHOUDL BE PICTURES HERE - if anyone can tell me how to put them in I'd be grateful


I am also looking for a front driver's side floormat. It seems to be missing from the practically complete set I already have.


I would be grateful if anyone can sell me the parts listed above.



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